About Us

Forge 97 (Pty) Ltd.
Hey there 👋,
I would like to thank everyone who has supported Forge 97; my colleagues, friends, mentors, suppliers, partners, parents, brother and the many different customers I get to interact with. I started the company in 2018 by selling to some friends and colleagues smartphone cases and screen protectors. With time, the company grew and the product offerings increased. I test and do extensive research about the products that I upload on the website, so that you can shop with a piece of mind.  
Forge 97 (Pty) Ltd. (forge97.com) is an online store which sells a range of smartphones, laptops, and accessories (more products are being added to the website every week). If you don't find what you are looking for, Get in touch. This journey has really been something amazing, stressful, joyful and mostly a learning experience. I have pledged to ensure that all customers receive the best and highest quality of professionalism with a hint of awesomeness, see ReviewsIf you want to know more about my journey in building Forge 97, kindly check out the Our Journey page. 
While Forge 97 is a profit company, the company's core value is to continue to positively impact the many lives in different communities that we are involved with. To know more see Forge 97 Foundation page.
Shop with the company that delivers excellent customer service and also gives back to the community. 
Kgonego Mathithibala
CEO & Founder