Forge 97 (Pty) Ltd. is a BEE certified company. Certificate has been issued by the Companies & Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). This Certificate serves as an Affidavit in terms of Code Series 000, Section 4.5 of the Amended Codes 2013. We are registered with the Central Supplier Database (CSD). Supplier Number MAAA0903024. B-BBEE LEVEL 1 CONTRIBUTOR: 135% PROCUREMENT RECOGNITION

Certificate Number 9216040802
No. of shareholders One (1)
No. of black shareholders One (1)
No. of white shareholders Zero (0)
Black ownership 100%
Black female 0%
White ownership 0%
Date of issue 02 December 2019
Date of expiry 01 December 2020


Please click here to download BEE PDF certificate.
Please click here to download CSD PDF certificate.