Forge 97 Foundation

While Forge 97 is a profit company, our core value is to continue to positively impact the lives of other in our different communities đŸŒ±. For a little while Forge 97 has been buying sanitary pads, however, with intentions of making this initiative go even much further; all the necessary help is needed. Forge 97 Foundation has been established to positively  empower and to focus purely on our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. As at 31 July 2020, we have bought, and have been donated to more than 1400 sanitary pads. Thank you to everyone who has shared and donated to this cause. You can now donate via simply search for 'Donation' and you can donate as little as R5. Follow our Instagram to stay up to date with what we are up to. 
Plans are being made to donate to either a local charity or school. 

Past work đŸŒ±

Pad Drive - Mwila Masongo  We have partnered with Mwila Masongo to help girls get sanitary pads so that they too can go to school like everyone else. Click here to see the post. We donated R50 for this cause.
Girl 101 Competition We partnered with _Girl101 to help raise donations for their Non-profit organisation. We shared with them some products to be up for grabs to an individual who donates R30 or more. We and the awesome team from Girl 101 would like to thank you. Click here to see the post. We helped raise more than R750.


Forge 97 Foundation
A division of Forge 97 
- Kgonego Mathithibala
CEO & Founder