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Astrum Dual USB Car Charger CC340 - Red

Astrum Dual USB Car Charger CC340 - Red

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  • 1* Astrum Dual USB Car Charger  CC340 - Red

Product specifications

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Power up on the go from the comfort of your car with charger with 2 USB ports to charge two devices at once.

Warranty 6 months
Delivery Nationwide delivery
Brand Astrum
Product Type Car charger
Model CC340
SKU A93034-N
Barcode 4897033649315
  • 3.4 amp voltage output for most devices
  • Car adapter to fit car charging socket
  • Over Charge / Short Circuit / Over Voltage / Over Current Protection
  • 2 x USB port charge two devices at once
  • Small portable size for OTG charging
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, White
  • Amps: 5V 3.4A
  • DC Input: 12-24V
  • DC Output: 5V - 3.4A
  • Adapter Type: Car Adapter
  • Interface: 2 x USB 2.0
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