Elinchrom 26548 Snaplux Speed Ring

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  • 1* Elinchrom 26548 Snaplux Speed Ring

Product specifications

*We rely on the relevant brand to provide us with accurate information and specifications for the content of this product.

Elinchrom users are not the only ones who can take advantage from the Snaplux softbox system. There are now optional adapter speed rings for other brands of studio flash. Only one speed ring is required for any shape and size of Snaplux.

Warranty 1 year
Delivery Gauteng only
Brand Elinchrom
Product Type
Model Speed ring for Snaplux
  • 26548 Snaplux Speed Ring for Elinchrom
  • Fits all Snaplux softboces
  • Fits Elinchrom heads
  • Extremely lightweight