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GDPlus Solar Power Light System - GD8017COB

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What's in the box?

  • 1* Main device
  • 3* Led bulbs
  • 1* Power cable
  • 1* Charging cable 4 In 1

Product specifications

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This is designed for indoor use. The GDPLUS is a reliable solar lighting kit that has 3 low consumption LED bulbs and a USB multi-adapter cable that allows you to charge your phones from an internal 6V4ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. It is great for use in houses without electricity or when camping in the great outdoors.  
The battery gets its charge from the sun through a small 3-7W solar panel provided with the kit. You can also charge the battery through a normal mains socket outlet (110- 240v, 50/60Hz). The unit has charge and status indicators to show you how much charge is left and at what rate it is charging.
Warranty 6 months
Delivery Nationwide delivery
Brand GDPlus
Product Type
Model Solar Lighting System
  • Output Voltage (V): DC5V
  • Load Power (W): Depend Solar Power (W): 3.5W
  • Work Time (h): 8 Hours
  • Product name: Solar lighting system
  • Certificate: CE
  • Battery: 4V Lead-acid
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Load: 2pcs remote bulb
  • Charge method: 7V Solar Panel / DC5V / Micro USB
  • Function: Lighting / USB OUTPUT