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iPhone 7/8 Full Glass Screen Protector - White

iPhone 7/8 Full Glass Screen Protector - White

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  • 1 * iPhone 7/8 Full Glass Screen Protector - White

Product specifications

Both the 7 and 8 have the same screen size. The screen protector will fit perfectly on either. 

Please note that all screen protectors are inspected before delivery to ensure that they are not cracked when we receive them. When applying your screen protector, do so indoors with lots of sunlight. This information serves as a guide and no-refunds can be made for incorrectly applied screen protectors. Follow the steps below for our advice for an installation guide. 

1. Clean your smartphone screen with a wet damp cloth
2. Ensure you get rid of all oil stains
3. Use a dry cloth to wipe your phone
4. Ensure there aren't any dust particles as this will lead to bubbles
5. Remove the protective film and apply 
6. Use a bank card/shopping card to ensure that all air pockets are removed

Warranty 3 months
Delivery Nationwide delivery
Brand Unbranded
Product Type Screen protector
Model iPhone 7/8
  • Glass screen protector
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