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Volkano Horizon series Phone Gimbal Stabiliser with Tripod

Volkano Horizon series Phone Gimbal Stabiliser with Tripod

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  • 1* Volkano Horizon series Phone Gimbal Stabiliser with Tripod

Product specifications

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The Volkano Horizon series is your solution to having to take selfies from odd angles, the built in stabilizing gimbal keeps your phone steady and stable even with movement of the holder. With the handle opening up to a tripod there is no need to change your setup when changing from selfies to group photos. The Bluetooth Camera shutter button allows for an easier experience with taking photos and frees up your hands for those amazing group or solo pic's.

Stabilizes a phone in the horizontal or vertical axiz in either landscape or portrait mode using a motorized gyroscope.
Desktop tripod suitable for use with a camera or phone

Warranty 1 year
Delivery Nationwide delivery
Brand Volkano
Product Type Gimbal
Model Gimbal
SKU VK-6524-BK
  • Keeps phone steady even with movement of the holder
  • Rechargeable via USB or optional power adaptor
  • Handle opens up into a tripod
  • Tripod includes camera mount
  • Extends from 280 mm up to 790 mm
  • Bluetooth Camera Shutter Button
  • For phones up to 6.7 inch
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